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Suzanne Brown Agency LLC Blog: water damage

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  These household appliances do not always offer warning signs until the damage has already occurred. That is why it is important to check them regularly. The simple steps below can help you protect your home from the most common causes of water damage: READ MORE >>

Filing an Insurance Claim If you have a claim, tell your insurance company as soon as possible. There should be a toll-free claims number on your policy. Most insurance companies require you to tell them in writing, so follow up with a written notice with information about what happened. READ MORE >>

  Water damage to your home can be expensive and time-consuming to repair. Homeowners insurance policies don't cover damage caused by floods and might not cover other types of water damage. If you want coverage for damage caused by flood, you’ll have to buy flood insurance. READ MORE >>

      Water Damage - Why it's important to act quickly READ MORE >>

Half of all washing machine water damage incidents are caused from a burst water supply line.  Repair costs about 6000 per incident. Your plan of prevention: Inspect water supply line hoses every six months to ensure the connection to the valve is secure. READ MORE >>

78 percent of water damage from toilets is caused by faulty supply lines, toilet flanges, fill valve assemblies or toilets that back up and overflow. To prevent damage: Inspect the flushing mechanism every six months.  The fill valve should shut off when the float reaches the proper level. READ MORE >>

Nearly half of all water damage caused by sinks is due to a faulty plumbing line and costs approximately 7000 per incident.  To prevent damage: Inspect sink plumbing every six months.  Ensure connections are secure and there is no corrosion or kinking of pipes, which could lead to pinhole leaks over time. READ MORE >>

Over half of shower stall damage involves a faulty shower pan.  Your plan of prevention:   Test the shower pan annually. Block the floor drain.  Fill the shower stall with 1 inch of water and mark the water line.  After 8 hours if the water level drops contact a plumbing professional. READ MORE >>

Seventy five percent of water heaters fail before they are 12 years old.  The chance a water heater will leak or burst increases dramatically at 5 years old. Your plan for prevention: Schedule a professional plumbing inspection of the anode rod annually once the warranty has expired. READ MORE >>

Water Damage - Why it's important to act quickly While each case is unique, water damage typically follows a similar pattern. READ MORE >>

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